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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Harry Winston, Victim of Underworld United Nations !!

More news on the Harry Winston Raid in Paris.

This just in from Grad Zagrab. A former Zagrab Mayor's offspring.

"There is a new Modus Vivendi between Serbian and Croatian underworld figures."

Launched from the South Suburbs of Paris, from a house close to Tomulic parents home, the Harry Winston diamond robbery is a small part in the bigger picture of Underworld United Nations at work.

The Turk has control of the Harry Winston Diamonds as collateral for the 100+ kilo's of Heroin trafficked via Poland.

A proxy of the Turk has arranged for the Harry Winston haul to be deposited in a bank vault whilst the drug deal proceeds.

I suppose if the drugs get through and are sold maybe the Harry Winston Diamonds will be given back to the man behind the robbers. The drugs may have already got through and the Harry Winston diamonds are collateral after the drug deal ???

If authorities are quick they could recover the Harry Winston haul whilst it is still in Paris, south suburb's, Tomulic.

The United Nations Underworld are proving to be a formidable foe to authorities, not least Interpol.

Beware the gangsters mole who appears to be wearing costume jewellery, it could be the Harry Winston haul disguised as cheap paste.

A tried and tested way to smuggle diamonds over borders is to be blatant and use the excuse the diamonds are not real.

The more brazen and open, the more likely border guards will not suspect.

A quick bit of work backing the large diamonds from Harry Winston with foil to dull the appearance of the diamond, then set in a cheap mount and it is very hard to tell if the cheap looking costume jewellery is the real thing in disguise.

I bet if a reward of $10 million was offered there could be a breakthrough, no matter the reward will be false and never paid, it could smoke out inside information that could see a recovery quickly whilst the haul is still in transit ???

Upon another note, it may not many degree's of separation from this Harry Winston diamond robbery and the two art thefts in Switzerland earlier this year, January and February 2008, when first, two Picasso's on loan from Germany were stolen and funny enough taken back to Germany. Then the theft of the Cezanne and Degas, which still remain outstanding.

Wonder how long it will take before authorities realise they could stumble across either the Harry Winston diamonds or the stolen Swiss paintings if they collate their investigations.

The key is the contraband the Harry Winston diamonds and Swiss stolen paintings are used to purchase.

To be continued..............

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