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Stolen Art Watch, Firle Place Raid, Da Vinci Madonna, Art Hostage Exclusive, Breaking News

Art Hostage has exclusive breaking news on the Firle Place raid and an update on the Da Vinci Madonna Tsunami that is about to break.

First, a little taster of the Da Vinci Madonna ongoing saga:

Post Da Vinci Madonna Trial Acquittals.

The Da Vinci prosecution is currently the subject of formal complaints lodged with

1 Dumfries and Galloway Police

2 Scottish Police Complaints Commissioner

3 S.O.C.A South East Division

4 Independent Police Complaints Commission

The matter has been drawn to the attention of The Home Secretary and The Scottish Minister for Justice

Hiscox have declined to pay a reward because the police refuse to grant approval. A somewhat perverse position bearing in mind the known background to this case.

Mark Dalrymple is the subject of formal complaint to the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjustor's and he also faces being sued for professional negligence

The process of enquiry is now underway and a second independent witness has verified that S.O.C.A had knowledge of Crown Private Investigation’s months before they became involved n the Da Vinci Madonna recovery.

Either S.O.C.A. or Dumfries and Galloway police buried the evidence of the Gatwick Airport Hilton meeting in January 2007. That is the kindest interpretation. If they disclosed the evidence to the Procurator Fiscal and the law officers hid the information then the legal ramifications will echo through the whole Scottish judicial system.

I now understand why Marshall Ronald called for an enquiry into the Da Vinci case outside the Court

I hope you agree that trust in our legal system is of paramount importance to all who seek justice before the law and that those, such as in this case, who seek to defeat an individual’s right to justice should be dealt with severely.

Da Vinci Madonna latest:


And here:

In a follow up to the Dick Ellis Stately Home Raids Report.

Art Hostage today June 8th 2010 received a call from Dick Ellis who was worried sick and pleaded with Art Hostage to take down the post revealing all about the Firle Place raid of July 2009.

Back-story: http://arthostage.blogspot.com/2010/05/stolen-art-watch-dick-ellis-banging.html

The reason Dick Ellis gave is because both the Chief Constable of Sussex Police Martin Richards and Surrey Police Chief Constable Mark Rowley have been engaged by Dick Ellis and they are about to acknowledge the serious failings of both Sussex Police, Martin Richards and Surrey Police Mark Crowley with respect to the Firle Place raid in July 2009. Dick Ellis has set the trap for Martin Richards and Mark Rowley.

The significance of this is that the acknowledgement by Sussex Police and Surrey Police of their failings with regards preventing the Firle Place raid from happening, (which they could and should have done), will open the door to the Ecclesiastical Insurance company to reclaim their insurance payout to The Viscount Gage family trust of £1million, from both Sussex Police and Surrey Police, using the threat of a High Court Lawsuit.

So, the Council Tax paying people of Surrey and Sussex are on the hook for £1 million of their Council taxes to pay for the failings of their respective Police Forces.

Added to that, it does give the perception of another Bail-out for "Fat Cats" at the expense of the public.

Of course then, once Sussex Police and Surrey Police have paid out £500,000 each to the Ecclesiacal Insurance Company Dick Ellis will receive the plaudit's from the Art insurance industry and gain more feathers in his cap, not forgetting his fat fee, hidden as payment for his report prepared and reported in the Times of London, Art Newspaper and elsewhere, if you know what I mean !!!

Unfortunately, the person who gave the intelligence about the Firle Place being a target, in good faith, will be told by Dick Ellis in no uncertain terms:

"Come on, move along now, nothing more to see here"

Furthermore, plans are afoot and the Firle Place haul is reputed to be in play according to Dick Ellis, and the joint International efforts are being made by Sussex Police, Surrey Police and a third Law Enforcement agency...... OH alright, it those pesky guys at the Serious Organised Crime Agency S.O.C.A. again. Interpol are in the mix but only as a liaison body.

If by chance the Firle Place haul is recovered, then of course this whole affair can be covered up until the next avoidable Art theft.

The tone of the phone calls from Dick Ellis have got rather heated and Dick Ellis is making coded threats against Art Hostage that Police will set up Art Hostage, raid the Art Hostage home unlawfully, on a fishing expedition, and fabricate evidence to silence Art Hostage.

This would not be the first time Police have smashed their way into Art Hostages home, twice before they have come, both times not finding anything, there was never anything to find in the first place, no contraband, no stolen art, no nothing.

Twice before they traumatised Art Hostage's son. Twice before Art Hostage was not charged with any crime, they even confiscated my computers the first time, only to return them three weeks later, although one had the drive bearings broken.

The whole purpose is to intimidate Art Hostage because of the revelations of incompetence and failings of Police written about on the Art Hostage and Stolen Vermeer blogs.

There is an old C.I.A. saying "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action"

Art Hostage Lawyers have been informed and have all the relevant documents and will issue a lawsuit if Police smash their way into the Art Hostage home again, and Art Hostage can tell Sussex Police Chief Constable Martin Richards, here and now, there are no stolen art or antiques, contraband or anything illegal at all in the Art Hostage home, Nada, zero, so another unlawful armed raid by Sussex Police will definitely result in legal proceedings against Sussex Police, who by the way will be shortly issued with a lawsuit for Malicious prosecution.
Martin it's no good venting your anger at Art Hostage, look closer to home to see who is going to cost your Police Force £500,000, who leaked all the information, and furthermore, who has leaked the ongoing Police operation into the Firle Place raid. Don't shoot the messenger !!!!

Back To Firle Place Business

Right, between now and, 16th June 2010 there is to be a featured reconstruction of the Firle Place raid on the BBC Crimewatch Roadshow programme broadcast at 09.15am GMT. Dick Ellis was down at Firle Place last week filming.

Art Hostage is going to resolve this case here and now with clear advice.

First of all, Dick Ellis was told by Art Hostage to make a personal plea, to those who hold the Firle Place Porcelain, to call the BBC Crimewatch show anonymously and just give a location where Police will attend and recover the Firle Place Haul.

No Set ups, no Stings, just please give a location and make sure you are not in the same postcode, let alone the same room, even with Lawyers, remember the Da Vinci Madonna Lawyers, all got arrested.

Art Hostage declares here and now, when Police recover stolen art anyone within a 5 mile radius is arrested, got it, once and for all.

Anyone falling for the old Peek-a-Boo trick, "Just let us have a look to make sure its not broken" trick will be arrested, as soon as any Firle Place items see the light of day Police will swoop.

In the Da Vinci Madonna case an Undercover Policeman from S.O.C.A. called John Craig said he was representing the Duke of Buccleuch, when in reality he was an Undercover Policeman. So, it it not Rocket Science to realise that anyone purporting to represent Viscount Gage, or posing as a Rich Porcelain Collector could, maybe, be an Undercover Policeman trying to get a glimse of the Firle Place haul so Police can swoop and arrest everyone.

This is not new, just remember what happened in the Da Vinci Madonna case, as soon as the Da Vinci Madonna painting appeared in the Lawyers Office in Glasgow Police swooped and arrested everyone.

This is not Art Hostage undermining a Police Operation, it is a way to ensure the Firle Place Porcelain returns home un-damaged and safely, as soon as possible.

The best way of doing that is a location to be given anonymously on a pay as you go throw away cellphone, which is discarded after the call is made, either to the BBC Crimewatch programme, or to the local Police in whichever area the Firle Place porcelain is currently located.

Now, the translation of this advice can be done using good old Google translator.

Also, whoever you are, please just either contact your local Police in your country, Europe, Canadian Mounties in Canada, anonymously with a location where the Firle Place porcelain can be recovered by Police. If you try to hand the Firle Place porcelain back physically you will be arrested.

Now, all the pieces are in place and hopefully when the BBC Crimewatch Feature about the Firle Place raid is aired and Dick Ellis follows the Art Hostage plan and pleads for the location where the Firle Place Porcelain can be recovered, the call will come. Here's hoping !!!!

Now lets get this clear, the Porcelain from Firle Place is very delicate, not robust at all. If Police crash through the door with their big size twelve boots and there is a scuffle, the Firle Place porcelain will almost certainly be knocked to the floor smashing into a thousand pieces.

Just create this image in your mind of Armed storm trooper Police storming the room, where the Firle Place porcelain is all laid out on a table to show to whoever is the Undercover Police Officer.

Bang, crash wallop !!!!!

I can imagine it now, the phone call from Sussex Police Chief Constable Martin Richards to Viscount Gage,

"Your Grace, good news and bad news, first the good news, Sussex Police and Co have recovered all the Firle Place Porcelain in a daring raid"

Viscount Gage "Whats the bad news?"

Martin Richards: " Your Grace, are you good at Jigsaw's?"

Viscount Gage "What, you mean the Firle Place porcelain is in pieces ?"

Martin Richards: " Actually, 423, sorry 427 pieces, to be exact"

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Anonymous said...

Dick Ellis is trying to sting the Irish guys who hold some Gardner art.

He is going to get them all arrested soon, so beware of the Dick Ellis false promises and undercover sting operation happening now in Ireland.
July 3rd 2012