Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stolen Art Watch, Levens Hall Thomas Tompion Clock Accused Graham Harkin, Mention Carlisle Crown Court, The Plot Thickens !!!

Police Informant To Be Witness Summonsed in Thomas Tompion Clock Entrapment Case

Graham Harkin, the accused caught in a Police entrapment on the M62 motoway Birch services on the 13th April 2010 with the stolen Levens Hall Thomas Tompion clock in his possession, is up for a mention Friday August 13th 2010 at Carlisle Crown Court, in front of Judge Batty QC

Wonder if his council are asking for information to be provided under the Freedom of Information Act as to how Police knew Graham Harkin would have the Tompion clock at that specific time and place ?

Added to that, wonder if his council will reveal they intend to witness summons the Police informant who provided the inside information and is in the process of claiming the £20,000 reward offered by AXA Fine Art Insurance, via Mark Dalrymple ??

Any witness summons issued against the Police informant to give evidence could provoke the prosecution to drop the case because of the exposure of the Police informant to public scrutiny.

Police have a Duty of Care towards informants, although this is not observed, a witness summons against their informant is far too obvious to ignore.

Question is, does Graham Harkin and his defence team know the identity of the Police informant who set him up ??

A witness summons for Mark Dalrymple would go down well, as any time Dalrymple gets into the witness box all sorts of questions will be asked, not least about the two previous occasions Mark Dalrymple committed perjury in Scotland.

The name of the Police Informant in the Graham Harkin case is not a secret, the Levens Hall Thomas Tompion clock is ticking !!!

Coming soon, the Firle Place porcelain theft is not too many degrees of separation away !!!

Word from the Underworld:

"Well known targeted, should be by end of Summer"

Better brace ourselves then !!!

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