Friday, April 22, 2011

Stolen Art Watch, Nazi Medal and Dagger Collector Raided !!

Thieves ransack collector’s military hoard

A WIDOWER was left devastated when callous thieves broke into his home stealing thousands of pounds worth of military memorabilia, including Nazi medals and daggers.

Brian Morgan, who returned home to find it ransacked, said: “It was a huge shock – I did not know what to do with myself. The living room was a complete mess. They had smashed up everything including my 4ft fish tank.

“I just cannot understand why anyone would do such a thing.”

Among the rare World War Two items stolen are two Iron Cross medals, a German rapier, dress knives, plus an 8ins bronze statue of a Japanese Samurai warrior and three 18th-century rapiers.

The 71-year-old said: “I have always had an interest in military things since I was a young boy and I am now a member of Tondu Shooting Club.

“I have collected a lot of memorabilia over the past 25 to 30 years.

“They did not take everything but they did take the items that I liked the most.

“Some of the daggers alone were worth £500 to £600 – luckily they are all insured because their value could run into a few thousand pounds.

“One statue was of a civilian soldier signed by Japanese manufacturer Yamamoto. I should imagine it would be very difficult to get hold of something like that.”

Three money boxes were also smashed open in the burglary, one of which contained £390.

Mr Morgan said he had received calls in the last month from a man who specifically inquired about the antiques, which were on display in a glass cabinet in the living room of his home in South Street, Bridgend, while others were hanging from the walls.

The pensioner, who lives alone after his wife died two years ago, discovered burglars had struck when he returned home on Friday afternoon.

“As I arrived home I could see that I had been broken into,” he said.

“The wood around the lock at the back door had come loose. They must have used some kind of tool to break it apart.”

But he managed to save the shattered tank’s three tropical discus fish.

“They were on their side but I quickly transferred them to a smaller tank I have in the kitchen,” Mr Morgan said.

Detective Constable Tristan Evans, of Porthcawl CID, said: “The stolen property is very unusual and we are appealing for any information regarding this burglary.”

Art Hostage Comments:

Why anyone would want to collect Nazi medals, daggers etc is beyond me. Something morbid and distasteful that leaves one with a bad taste in the mouth.

Every Nazi associated thing has the blood of six million innocent people dripping from them.

In other news, French Police BRB investigating an art raid on an apartment in Paris where artworks valued at $500,000 were taken.

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