Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stolen Art Watch, Frans Hals Missing, Meesen May Help !!! !!

Valuable art theft in Leerdam – police looking for witnesses To a burglary LEERDAM – at the museum of the Hofje van Mrs Van Aerden are Thursday night on Friday 27 may at 03: 00 two valuable paintings stolen.

It concerns "the two smiling boys, of whom one with a fur hat and a beer jug" from Frans Hals and a painting named "Bosgezicht with flowering elderberry" by Jacob van Ruysdael.

Staff of the museum reported to the police after the alarm went off in the building.

The police do today near-and trace research and asking witnesses to come forward in the recherche in Gorinchem on telephone number 0900-8844 or via Sign Crime anonymous: 0800-7000. The missing paintings are now among other sightings in an international database for stolen art.

Rijswijk (Reuters) – Museum het Hofje van Mrs Van Aerden in Leerdam is Thursday night at a burglary on Friday two valuable works of art lost of the painters Frans Hals (1582-1666) and Jacob van Ruysdael (1628-1682). ' The two smiling boys, of whom one with fur hat and a beer jug of Frans Hals ' and ' Bosgezicht ' with flowering elderberry by Jacob van Ruysdael.

The paintings were in October 1988 even though stolen from the museum, but came almost three years later. Below is a list of notable art looting in Netherlands in over twenty years.

May 1988: three paintings by Vincent van Gogh are stolen from the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

It's going to be the work Anjelieren, Bouteilles et Pommes and La maison du maitre Adam Billaud. The value of the three paintings on 9 to 11 million estimated. December 1988: From the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo, three paintings by Van Gogh worth 113 million euros stolen.

The works of art are a study of 1885 the potato eaters, sunflowers from 1887 and loom with Weaver from 1884. The cloths are later recovered damaged.

Two men get prison sentences. April 1991: twenty paintings by Vincent van Gogh disappear from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The paintings, with an estimated value of approximately EUR 500 million, be found in a stolen car in Amsterdam. Three paintings are badly damaged. The four offenders are sentenced to jail for several years.
Pieces of Frans Hals and Jacob van Ruisdael stolen # leerdam 28 may 2011CultuurLeerdamUit the Hofje van Mrs Van Aerden are two valuable paintings stolen.

On the night of Thursday on Friday succeeded burglars erin the two Dutch masters. It is a repetition: in 1988, are the same canvases also have already stolen.

Despite the judging alarm could burglars unseen two beautiful paintings take: two smiling boys, of whom one with fur hat and beer jug of Frans Hals (1584 – 1666), and Bosgezicht with flowering elderberry by Jacob van Ruysdael (1629-1682).

The crazy thing of the whole story is that the same paintings previously stolen. During that robbery, in 1988, is the Manager of the hofje tied.

Three years later bought back the paintings, after payment of a ransom of half a million guilder, according to the Telegraph. There was much protest against, after all, if there is one sheep on the dam, follow more. Now why would there be no ransom paid? But perhaps it is precisely the other proverb: one swallow makes no summer, and the criminals to their money flutes.

Art Hostage Comments:

Rob Meesen and his Lawyer, Arthur van der Biezen might be willing to help, if offered the right deal !!!

A more comfortable, softer pillow for Dino Soerel might oil the wheels of recovery as well as consulting Willem Holleeder.


AA said...

If not for you and Ton Cremers, no one in the US would even know about this terrible crime. Thanks Turb, AA

Art Hostage said...

Whilst Ton Cremers stands on the shoulders of giants, credit must be afforded to Chip Kabwe and Mark Durney for getting these important notices out to the wider public about art related crime.

Anonymous said...

Chip Kabwe IS Ton Cremers.
Why does this guy need an alias?