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Monday, November 18, 2019

Stolen Art Watch, Oscar Wilde Ring, What Really Happened?

Arthur Brand claims he was handed the Oscar Wilde ring outside the Hatton Garden Vault in London.

'And I was given the ring right in front of the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit... which I thought was a bit of English humour.'

Then AFP release a video of Arthur Brand sitting in his Amsterdam apartment showing the Oscar Wilde ring.

So, what happened?
Did Arthur Brand recover the Oscar Wilde ring in Hatton Garden London, as he claims in the media, then smuggle it to Holland, where he will bring it back to the UK for the December 4th handover at the Oxford Collage?

Or did George Crump recover the Oscar Wilde ring in Hatton Garden London, then smuggle it to Holland to hand over to Arthur Brand in Holland?

Or did George Crump and William Veres smuggle the Oscar Wilde ring to Holland together and hand it over to Arthur Brand in Holland?

With the sensational claims of a link to the infamous Hatton Garden Heist and the Oscar Wilde ring, surely Law Enforcement would be interested to know if any of the other Hatton Garden Heist haul was smuggled to Holland by Arthur Crump, William Veres or indeed Arthur Brand?

Did Arthur Brand use some of the Picasso reward to pay for the Oscar Wilde ring?
Did Arthur Brand pay £5,000 to buy back the Oscar Wilde ring because the publicity and media attention would be worth much more than £5,000?

Where has the Oscar Wilde ring been since it was recovered?

Have Thames Valley Police signed off the Oscar Wilde ring recovery?
Were Thames Valley Police told of the Oscar Wilde ring recovery before it was recovered?
To be continued.........................


Arthur said...

First of all thank you for congratulating me... Oh wait, you did not congratulate me :-)

Let me answer your stupid questions one by one:

The police has been informed before, during and after the recovery of the ring, as is always the case in all my cases. Because the ring was stolen in 2002, the thief already sentenced long time ago and laws regarding statue of limitations plus priorities, no further investigation has been initiated. And why would they? The thief was convicted and the stolen item is back.

Because I am a busy man - instead of you - after the handover of the ring to me in person in London, there was no time to make an appointment with Oxford. So I took it to the Netherlands with knowledge of the police and customs, to prepare the official handover, which now will take place the 4th of December as Oxford is also busy - in contrary to you.

There is no knowledge of other Hatton Garden Heist loot as jewelry, rings and diamonds are spread over the market, as you as an ex-thief should know. Oh no, sorry, you were just a petty thief :-))))

Let me tell you a little secret which Oxford can confirm: they asked me if I made more costs than the 3500 reward. I told them yes because all the travels during this 6 a 7 year long search costed more than that amount. They were so nice to offer me to take care of those costs too which I declined.

You stole art for money, I bring them back NOT for money...

That's the difference between us...

You will never understand but that's why you are a criminal an I am not :-)

Arthur said...
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Arthur said...
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Arthur said...
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Arthur said...
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Maanav MJ Sandhe said...

hahaha arthur sucks

Arthur said...

Good argumentation Maanav!

I just googled your work. Not much out there but it seems that this is your work. I think the word 'sucks' does not cover that...

Let's call it completely untalented. May be you should find another job.

Have a nice day!