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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

If You Want To Know The Time, Ask a Policeman, For Everything Else Demand Payment, Or Tell Police To Go Fuck Themselves !!

Pricey antiques stolen from house

Some £50,000 worth of antiques was stolen from a home in Hardington Mandeville, Somerset, police said.
The haul included an antique Victorian desk, an antique wine cooler as well as numerous works of arts and decorative ornaments.

They were taken on the night of 21 January, an Avon and Somerset Police spokesman said.

Police hope antiques dealers in the region who may have been offered some of the items will come forward.

Art Comments:

As ever police want help doing their job.

If you are an honest lawabiding member of the public who stumbles across any information regarding these stolen antiques call the police and give them the tip. you will not get any reward but you will be doing your public duty and helping the lazy Police to continue to let others do their job.

If however, you are conected to the antiques trade and have information about these stolen antiques, keep it to yourself as you will not be rewarded and the criminals will hunt you down and make you feel like you have been fucked by an Elephant.

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