Monday, March 22, 2010

Stolen Art Watch, Give Gerald Daniel Blanchard a Chance !!!

Malcolm X "To have once been a criminal is no disgrace. To remain a criminal is the disgrace"
Malcolm X

Joshuah Bearman ( ) wrote about rescuing American hostages from Iran in issue 15.05.
Art Hostage Comments:

John Lennon said "Give Peace a Chance"

All we are saying, is give Dan a chance, all we are saying is give Dan a chance !!!!

Art Hostage says "Give Gerald Daniel Blanchard a Chance"


Anonymous said...

did you see the CBC national news video of Blancahrd Wow

Anonymous said...

A TRUE Mastermind who orchestrated never seen before high tech crimes crossing 3 continents brought thievery to a whole other level. who's stunning capers earned him international infamy. This is the real life" Danny Ocean's", When will the movie come out???

Anonymous said...

==Chief Justice Oliphant .. Who head up a public inquiry into Mulroney's murky dealings with international arms lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber. Sentenced Blanchard to 8 years credit of 2 years leaves him with 6 years,,,,

==Crown attorney Sheila Leinburd ...Who was flew to Austria to receive a presidential welcome for the return of The famed Koechert Pearl Diamond

==Oprah Winfrey... Who's Intrigued Who called him in Prison! Wish she would call me!!! To wish me well...

==The Boss... No one seams to know who he is.....

== The two former Winnipeg police Sergeant's who headed the investigation "Former" smell a partnership in security consultant.!!!

Are you sure this shit is real?

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Hazel 1981 said...

This man tried to kill my family back in the 80's when he came to the United stars from Canada. I assume running from the crime he has committed there. Let me tell you he was scaredy. As I was only a little girl but the drama went on for years. He was a minor 17 at the timeso he was returned to his mother. He also was wealthy an had great legal council.He was too fast for the police an to smart for his own good. It too bad some one says give him a chance. He has had a life time of chances an honestly I think he should be locked up an the key put in the ocean. I'm glad the low lift killing thief is behind bars now. Maybe if they had given him the 164 years an not 8 an parole in 2 he would not have stolen again. A petty thief an crazed mad man that soest need to breath air. One would have thought as smart as he was he would have used it to benifit some one somewhere positive. He could so something an be like Mark Jobs or something And he wouldn't have to steal he would be set with a wealthy income and probably not have to work at all. But his DUMB ASS pick this... Shame Shame his mother should be embarrassed to say he belongs to her an is her son. I know i would. He doesn't deserve to even breathe air at this time in life.