Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stolen Art Watch, Leonardo Da Vinci Madonna, IRA Link Revealed, Careful, Updated !!!

Leonardo da Vinci operation 'hooked' solicitor

They Haven't Gone Away You Know !!!!!!

Marshal Ronald alluded to an IRA link and was Frank in his revelations, to a point.

Ghost like eyes revealed no soul, a very dangerous man who would even scare Da Vinci Madonna trial Prosecutor Simon DiRollo.

I wondered when he would realise he was played like a fiddle throughout this whole thing, as were the Police, everyone wanted a taste of the Da Vinci Madonna, why, well lets look at the facts.

The boys from the Ra got paid, (meant to be the whole £500,000 but they only got £350,000), still paid is paid. The Duke got the Da Vinci Madonna back, the Insurance company got their money back via Mark Dalrymple, interest accrued on the payout, don't ask !!!

The Police got their bodies, basked in the intoxicating glory of the Da Vinci Madonna recovery, and behind all of this was a shadow playing all sides off but making sure the Da Vinci Madonna was recovered.

Would have been better if there had been arrests but no charges and the only court action was to decide if the reward payment should be made.

Still, that was not in the gift of the Architect, but still, back end payment allowed the Da Vinci Madonna to be recovered and this trial is the unfortunate collateral damage caused by over eager Police looking for a TV reality show and media hype. Now its political, like the Guilford four Birmingham Six, and the Maguire Seven.

Now it's the Da Vinci Madonna Five !!

You see in all cases of recovering stolen art, money has to be paid up-front to get the stolen art released.

The Insurance company cannot be seen to be paying up front so lawyers are used to withdraw money from their client account to cover the up-front payment. This is repaid when the stolen art is recovered and the reward or fee is paid.

In the Turner case Lawyer Edgar Liebrucks paid Stevo V from his client account, then the first Turner was recovered.

There were no arrests because the people actually recovering the first Turner were ex-Police officers Mick Lawrence and Rocky. Mark Dalrymple paid out £600,000. Then the second Turner was recovered 18 months later.

Marshal Ronald, Robbie Graham and Jack Doyle were mentioned in a covert meeting between Mark Dalrymple, two Police officers from the Serious Organised Crime Squad and the Architect of the Da Vinci Madonna recovery in January 2007 at Gatwick airport.

Following that meeting it was agreed by Dalrymple and the Architect, Marshal Ronald was a likely fall guy and would succumb to paying the up-front money from his client account therefore allowing Mark Dalrymple and Hiscox to appear squeaky clean and enabling the release of the Da Vinci Madonna.

Robbie Graham and Jack Doyle were to be allowed to play the same role as Mick Lawrence and Rocky, the two ex-Police officers who recovered the Turners.

However, as it turned out Robbie Graham and Jack Doyle, unlike Mick Lawrence and Rocky, who received £500,000 from Mark Dalrymple on the Turner case, Graham and Doyle did not get the huge payday and find themselves facing trial. Their only crime was to Not be Ex-Police Officers.

Calls across the Irish sea set things in motion and sure as day in July 2007 the Architects plan came together. Tony turned it in as PM around this time.

Shame the negative publicity has driven the Gardner Art in Ireland deeper underground.

The original Architect's plan was to use a successful recovery of the Da Vinci Madonna to give confidence in Ireland that would allow the Gardner art to surface.

Unfortunately, the intoxicating nature of the Da Vinci Madonna made Police rush for a quick media headline that has spooked those with control of the Gardner art.

And all this in the week Gerry Adams is subject of allegations by "Darkie" RIP, from the grave in the Ed Moloney book

Not forgetting the bogus tax allegations against General Thomas Slab Murphy:

Come out you Black and Tans, come out and fight me like a man !!!

Ra, Ra, ooh la la, as they rode off into the Sunset, saddlebags bulging with cash !!!!

BBC Radio Scotland, go to 1 hour 17 mins, 30 seconds to hear report from Da Vinci Madonna trial, Willie Johnson reporting, The Ghost, IRA Hitman, freaked out Marshal Ronald:

Breaking news out of South Armagh:



Anonymous said...

"An injustice as been done and a protest must be made"
You clearly know the back-story here
It was also said in court today that your blog entry almost derailed the recovery of this painting
There s a time when it is wise to engage brain before opening mouth
This was a complex and sensitive recovery operation undertaken in the face of many confounding variables, which individually or collectively could have destroyed the recovery operation
We all know who is the head of the Scottish freemasons what has not come out and no doubt will not come out for obvious reasons is whether there was Masonic involvement by those engaged in the recovery. Was the front man leading the recovery a man with the ability to seek Masonic?
Assistance or did he have a Masonic background. Maybe just maybe all is not what it seems as this intriguing tale unfolds. What were the true motivations here and was there a Celtic alliance to do the right thing. Who was the guiding mind and who drove this matter to its conclusion how much damage has been done to potential future art recoveries by the shortsighted vision of the police

Maybe just maybe what you think you know or have deduced may be only half other story. A single plank is a very unstable structure

Art Hostage said...

Funny how the allegation of a post on Art Hostage nearly derailed the recovery, as it was directed at Marshal Ronald, who once he and Graham, Doyle had read it, took the Art Hostage instructuions verbatum. This rings hollow as it was cleared by both Mark Dalrymple and the Serious Organised Crime Agencey before posting.

Once posted the Serious Organised Crime Agency monitored Marshal Ronald etc reading the Art Hostage post as they had been avid readers of Art Hostage for some time before.

The post in question was called Da Vinci Madonna theft 4 years on posted on the other Art Hostage blog Stolen Vermeer in August 2007, click Art Hostage at begining of this comment for the story in question: http://stolenvermeer.blogspot.com/2007/08/stolen-art-watch-da-vinci-theft-4-years.html next question ???

Art Hostage said...

Furthermore, The allegation that a post on Art Hostage nearly derailed the recovery of the Da Vinci Madonna is absurd, as both Mark Dalrymple and the Serious Organised Crime Agency read and cleared the post before Art Hostage posted it.

Mark Dalrymple said August 2007, and I quote:
"Now, do your stuff Art Hostage"

I cannot be blamed if my instructions to just give a location where the Da Vinci Madonna could be located were not adhered to. If they had been, then Police would have just attended and recovered the Da Vinci Madonna without any possibility of arrests.

Anonymous said...

Art Hostage is right, I read the post from August 2007, Marshal Ronald only asked for the secret extra £2.25 million pounds sterling once he had read the post by Art Hostage saying the Duke of Buccluech had bought back legal title and had £10 million pounds sterling left over to pay for the return of the Leonardo Da Vinci Madonna of the Yarnwinder.

Anonymous said...

Your comments are fascinating particularly in light of the context that this is a conspiracy trial.
If your comments about Mark Dalrymple and SOCA clearing your web blog before it was published are correct them Mark Dalrymple may well have committed perjury when giving evidence in Edinburgh.
If Art Hostage has been used a part of an undercover police operation and that it was a police (SOCA) approved piece of information placed in the public domain then the question has to be posed why has the involvement of Art Hostage not featured as part of this intelligence led police operation. Art Hostage does not feature in the used or unused material in the case currently running.
Curiously your photograph appears in PowerPoint presentation, which the jury have where you are mistakenly identified as Mark Dalrymple. Now was that a Freudian slip only time will tell
You are correct to state that this trial is political however at the centre of all the posturing for glory rests the reputations and liberty of three lawyers and two enquiry agents.
They are not politically expendable they are men of integrity and they deserved and are entitled to receive a fair trial under Article 6 of the ECHR
A trial where there are material pieces of evidence withheld for whatever reason and where parties are prepared to perjure themselves brings the whole legal process into disrepute
Perhaps you should consider your position and contemplate a trip to Edinburgh
The truth the whole truth ad nothing but the truth will come out one way or the other