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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Stolen Art Watch, Biarritz Museum Robbery of Scent Bottles & Jade, Rathkeale Rovers Strike Again

French Oriental Art Museum exhibition of ancient Chinese jade showcase high glass was smashed. (China Culture Daily July 4 at noon, in southwestern France in the French resort city of Biarritz Museum of Oriental Art was robbery with violence, more than 10 pieces worth more than 500,000 euros of Chinese ancient jade high snatched, famous Chinese artists, deputy curator of the museum Zhu heavens were wounded. Robbery occurred in the museum closed at noon break, the staff shift when that time, Zhu Xintian being behind the counter of the reception hall, the next night will be held a personal exhibition opening ceremony final preparations .12:05 do so, a Name armed robbers broke into the hall, at gunpoint Zhu heavens and another a museum female staff. See armed robbers, Zhu Xintian immediately rush out to stop them, and with the desperate struggle occurred while Zhu Xintian repeatedly shouting woman standing behind the counter staff quickly called( Unfortunately, the new heavens and the robbers Zhu Wrestling ten minutes, the female staff did not take any action. Zhu Xintian repeatedly been about 1.8 meters tall robbers knocked to the ground, and even grabbed the hair on the steps from 4-storey fall ....(Favorites News fierce fighting lasted for about 15 minutes, however, outnumbered, the other two robbers took the opportunity to Just enter the exhibition was completed for the opening ceremony was held in the near future and the new museum opened to the public in China. robbers with an iron will China's two exhibition museum of ancient Chinese jade showcase high smashed (from the Louvre museum in Egypt There are hundreds of years old Showcase), of which more than a dozen pieces of stolen high value rare treasures, including jade Liangzhu culture period, worth more than 500,000 euros. Subsequently, the three criminals fleeing parked waiting outside the museum car fled. 14:00 the same day, the police rushed to the scene forensics, and extract the museum's surveillance video. Was robbed of heritage images have also been handed over to police professionals, and to notify the International Police Department, the French national television three sets, BFM television stations broadcast After being robbed of the museum and curator Baosi Dai-site interviews, reports Agence France-Presse also follow up on the case. Zhu Xintian beaten by robbers cause jaw, wrists, shoulders, legs, knees, lumbar, sacral and other multiple injuries, was rushed to the hospital near the city of Bayonne, but fortunately no serious fractures. Though mortally wounded, but He still insists on schedule organized the 5th night opening of the exhibition, which received support. There are three robbers who speak English, not masked. According to the site investigation and analysis, which may be several robbers premeditated, start timing and looting artifacts are 'carefully' selected, not generally rob belongings they does not enter into a cash counter inside, but the target directly at the Chinese museum artifacts. According to Zhu Xintian memories, so he failed to follow the return museum robbers escape when viewed China Pavilion exhibition hall found no lights, almost is black. museum other staff also said that these people had come to inquire before banditry too, is likely to have triad behind the manipulation. Moreover, China's current so-called 'Heritage Collection hot' also contributed to the theft of cultural relics in China wind, so that the culprits were crazy to make money theft robbery. After the incident, Zhu heavens and the Chinese Embassy in France quickly get in touch, please notify domestic Embassy Cultural Office tried every auction company to inform the matter, and to prohibit the robbery of these stolen artifacts up for auction, he said it would rob the relics stolen pictures sent to the world auction company, auction these artifacts were illegally banditry will bear legal responsibility. French Oriental Art Museum is a private museum, former French President Jacques Chirac was in 2009 to visit the museum permanent collection of more than a thousand pieces, mainly from China, India and Nepal, the exhibition area of ​​about 800 square meters. Baosi Dai is a famous museum curator archaeologists, collectors, Indian Culture Institute. Deputy Director Zhu Xintian is the Far East Art and Archaeology University of Paris, Dr. proficiency painting, oil painting, calligraphy and photography. France will usher in the first round of the holiday rush. Biarritz as a seaside holiday resort, will attract many tourists. French Museum of Oriental Art in order to better meet the tourists, launched on July 5 temporary exhibition 'Poetry and Philosophy - Zhu Xintian exhibition. 'do not want to freak accident the day before the opening of the exhibition, cause for regret. Oriental Art Museum is violent robbery incident shows further deterioration of the security situation in France, hoping to alert the French tourists. (Yuan rejoicing)

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