Friday, May 28, 2010

Stolen Art Watch, Neue Galerie New York Targeted for Adele Bloch-Baur Portrait By Klimt !!!

American Museum's on Art Thieves Shoppin List

Art Hostage has some disturbing, breaking news that should raise a Red Flag on both sides of art related crime arena.

Those who follow Art Hostage will remember the reference to a threat against an American Museum mentioned in the story about the recent Paris Art Theft, see link:

At the time there were only slight references made and it has taken until now for Art Hostage to firm up this "Chit Chat"

Right, today at a meeting in Moscow at the Marco Polo Presnja Hotel , it was discussed what would be the value of the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Klimt on the black market ?

This has raised a Red Flag for Art Hostage and further enquires reveal there are plans to raid the Neue Galerie New York because of a security flaw that would allow a raid to happen.

What the actual security flaw is, Human or electronic, what opening has come up that leaves the Neue Galerie New York vulnerable to attack, Art Hostage cannot be too specific.

The fact the Neue Galerie New York is on a target list and certain Underworld figures are being asked for a price on the Adele Klimt as well as other Klimt works displayed at Neue Galerie New York, should mean an urgent security review is carried out by the worlds richest, and most competent Police Dept, the good old NYPD.

Memo to Stolen Art Underworld, please take Neue Galerie New York off the target list as, hopefully, now, the NYPD will be in attendance to lock down the Gallery for a security review.

Memo to NYPD, please attend the Neue Galerie New York and urgently request a security review that should highlight the security flaw being touted around the Underworld.

разрядка in Russian, Détente to the rest of us, by revealing this threat publicly, thieves don't steal the Adele Klimt, Police don't arrest the Art Thieves, Art Hostage retains credibility and the potential tragedy of losing the Adele Bloch-Baur is thwarted.


Jesse "Agent X" Krembs said...

What's a security floor?

Art Hostage said...

Floor, floor, it now reads Flaw

I'll get my coat !!!!