Saturday, May 22, 2010

Paris Art Heist, "Take It Easy" Guys, Recovery Location Thats All !!!

Art Hostage says: "Take it easy"

First, guys from the Brigade de Répression du Banditisme, BRB, please back off to allow space for several of the Paris paintings to be handed back, no strings attached.

Guys holding the Paris Art, Hostage, A location where the art can be located is all that is needed, no stings, no set ups, no swooping.

BRB, They know you are watching, undercover BRB have been made, so your presence is hindering the quick return. Stand down and don't make the arrest as this will not guarantee the safe return of the art.

They won't fall for the same sting used to get back the two Picasso's stolen in 2007 from Picasso's granddaughter.

Anyway FBI Icon Robert Wittman, who recovered the two Picasso's stolen in 2007 is now retired and is about to reveal all in his forthcoming book:

If the art crime underworld want to avoid getting stung in the future best buy a copy (use link above) as a reference book.

The rich collector sting is over as the Underworld now know any supposed rich collectors are always undercover police, as is anyone purporting to represent the victims, see the Da Vinci Madonna case on Art Hostage March through May 2010.

Second, Guys, please just hand back the Picasso as this act will give you the space needed for your negotiations.

I know why you did it, and what you want, of course, you have made your point, but we all need to step back and take a deep breath.

Art Hostage is working here without a net so lets take this Internet
"Chit Chat" out for a spin.

Back channels are always used to communicate, remember it was the back channels that set the foundations for a peace settlement in Ireland.

Yes, money was paid by way of allowing cigarette smuggling by the IRA in the early days of the peace process, so too can be the case with the art crime gangs.

The French are not adverse to paying ransoms with regards kidnappings by Islamic terrorists, or the holding of Human Hostages rather than Art Hostages, as with the French deal with Libya’s strongman Muammar Qaddafi to secure the release of six Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian-born doctor who were falsely accused of deliberately infecting some 400 Libyan children with HIV.

Shortly after a high-profile release engineered by First Lady Cecilia Sarkozy, her husband, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, announced a million dollar deal involving arms and civilian nuclear technology, so dealing with conventional criminals art-napping should be a walk in the park.

O'h and while you are at it, Nick Sarkozy is still catching shit from the ex, Cecilia about her missing diamonds, so throw them into the deal as a sweetener.

However, Lone Ranger and Tonto, the eyes of the world are on you, catch my drift !!!

To sum up, BRB back off for three days, Paris art holder, hand back the Picasso within the three day window and the heat will diminish markedly.

There is a saying amongst New Jersey Italian Americans that sums up what Art Hostage wants all sides to adhere to, right here, right now, "Take it Easy" link below:

Art Hostage will show you how to "Take it Easy"

"The police have simply overlooked all the facts here. The getaway van was abandoned two blocks away with a half eaten sandwich inside. It could be that the burglar did not have enough time to Munch the food and enough Monet to buy Degas to make the Van Gogh."

Hi-yo Silver, away !!!!!!

Another Picasso stolen in French fine art robbery

Thieves stole five pictures, including one by Spanish master Pablo Picasso, from the home in southern France of an art collector who was beaten up during the robbery, a police source said on Saturday.

The most important work in Friday's robbery was a lithograph representing a woman's face painted by Picasso, while the other works were by less renowned artists, the source said, without identifying the other artists.

The robbery comes just two days after thieves stole paintings by Picasso, Henri Matisse, Amedeo Modigliani and two other renowned artists from a Paris museum in a heist worth 100 million euros ($124 million).

The collector was hospitalized after being beaten by the thieves in Marseille. The value of the theft is still being assessed, the source added.

A lithograph is an authorized copy of an original work created by the artist himself or another skilled workman. Depending on print quality or production numbers it can have significant value.

The robbery is the latest to hit the Mediterranean city since December. Thieves stole about 30 paintings, including a work by Picasso, from a private villa in January, while a drawing by French impressionist Edgar Degas was stolen from a museum in December.

According to the Art Loss Register, which lists about 170,000 missing pieces, Picasso is the world's most stolen artist.

Art Hostage Comments:

Did something get lost in translation, I said return some of the Stolen Paris paintings, not steal more.

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