Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Stolen Art Watch, Pink Panther Caught in the EU Membership Headlights !!

Suspected “Pink Panther” arrested

LYON -- A man suspected of being a member of the notorious international jewel thieves Pink Panther gang has been arrested on the border of Serbia and Montenegro.

Bojan Vučković (24) was arrested at the border during a routine passport control, according to Interpol, whose headquarters are in Lyon, France.

Austrian police have a warrant out for his arrested. He is suspected of participating in the robbery of a jewelry store in Vienna in November 2008.

Vučković was arrested based on information given by the Austrian government, and he was “officially identified” thanks to cooperation between the Serbian, Montenegrin and Austrian police, reports said.

Interpol's group set up to investigate the Pink Panther group was also involved, according to this.

The groups is made up mostly of citizens of countries of the former Yugoslavia, and according to Interpol, they stole EUR 250mn worth of jewelry from luxury stores all around the world.

British police nicknamed the group after a robbery in London in which they found a diamond hidden in a face cream jar, similar to the popular Blake Edwards movie of the same name.

In September 2009, three Serbs accused of belonging to the group were convicted in France and sentenced to in between seven and 15 years of prison.

A court in Cyprus convicted a Montenegrin to nine months of prison in April 2009 after police trailed him from Spain to Bahrain, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

Art Hostage Comments:
Routine Passport check, they were waiting, they knew, Bojan was another "Head of John the Baptist", handed on a plate, as yet another required task for the path towards EU Membership !!!

Those Political figures who tolerated and even encouraged the Pink Panthers antics now have to rein the Pink Panthers in.

Memo to Bojan:

Allow authorities in Montenegro, Serbia, Austria and Germany have their curtain call, let them bask in their co-operative glory.

This is all window dressing for EU membership, Montenegro first then Serbia.

Whilst full EU membership may be some time away, loans can be obtained at special rates along the EU membership path.

Then, when the media blitz is over you can then offer the Cezanne, Degas, Picasso notebook and two Picasso's for a lighter sentence, if convicted.

Yuri Harris doing seven !!!!

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