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Friday, October 12, 2007

Stolen Art Watch, Bush Arrested in Possession of Stolen Art !!

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Stolen Work of art discovered in the Bush

AN ARTIST has spoken of his shock after one of his paintings worth £4,000 was found dumped in bushes in Primrose Hill.

A Glimpse Of Spring by Dutch artist Jacques Tange was recently discovered in the undergrowth and police are trying to trace the owner.

The painter, who won the artist of the year title in the Netherlands in 2006, told the Ham&High: "I've no clue about what happened - but I think it was probably stolen from somewhere in London.

"It's quite a big painting and it's possible the thief got tired carrying it and hid it so he could come and collect it later in a car or on a bike.

"But someone else found it before he could come back."

The painting, measuring about three feet square, shows a group of women sitting on giant ladders among a series of tower blocks.

Mr Tange added: "I painted it in 1994. It is about people losing contact with nature in the big city. The women are looking over the buildings to see that spring is coming.

"I don't know why the owner has not come forward already. Perhaps they are on holiday. If the painting is not claimed then maybe it could be auctioned at Sotheby's and the money given to charity."

The Art Loss Register, which assists victims of art crime recover stolen items, is leading the search for the painting's owner.

They have not disclosed some details about the painting including the location it was found due to fears criminals may falsely claim it as their own.

If you are the owner of the painting, contact the Art Loss Register on 020-7841 5780.

Art Hostage comments:

On the subject of Bushes, apparently before the invasion of Iraq Saddam Hussein issued an order that all Arab women shave their pubic hair.

Politicians in Washington D.C. thought this was taking the Anti-Bush campaign too far !!

Seriously though, there is always more behind these so-called chance discoveries, I'll do some checking.

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