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Stolen Art Watch, Leonardo Da Vinci Madonna, Car Crash Gives Pause For Thought !!!!

Da Vinci painting trial delayed after car crash

One of the men accused of £4million plot over the "Madonna of the Yarnwinder" painting was involved in an accident.

A lawyer accused of helping hold a stolen Leonardo da Vinci painting to ransom for more than £4million failed to appear at his trial on Thursday because of a car crash smash.

A jury at the High Court in Edinburgh was told that Calum Jones, 45, had emerged "shaken" from the crash which had damaged his car and written off another vehicle.

"It was a crash of some significance," said defence QC Jack Davidson, suggesting that even if he were able to make it to Edinburgh, his client might not be up to a day in court.

Jones, from Kilmacolm, is thought to have been driving to a station to catch a train for Edinburgh when the accident happened. Judge Lady Dorrian agreed it was "sensible" to send the jury home and the trial is expected to continue next Tuesday.

Jones was arrested when police raided the Glasgow offices of prestige law firm HBJ Gateley Wareing - where Jones was a partner - and recovered the "Madonna of the Yarnwinder" painting from the boardroom table.

The raid was the result of a sting operation by undercover detectives, the trial has heard. Two Scottish solicitors, an English solicitor and two Merseyside private eyes are now in the dock accused of plotting to secure a huge pay-off.

On trial are solicitor Marshall Ronald, 53, of Upholland, Skelmersdale; Robert Graham, 57, of Ormskirk, Lancashire, and John Doyle, 61, of Ormskirk, Lancashire, who ran Crown Private Investigations; solicitor Jones, of Knockbuckle Road, Kilmacolm and solicitor David Boyce, 63, of Airdrie, Lanarkshire.

They deny conspiring to extort pounds £4,250,000 or, alternatively, attempting to extort the money. The trial continues.

Art Hostage Comments:

First and foremost, Art Hostage has never alluded to any Masonic involvement yet, so don't try and put words into Art Hostage's mouth, no room anyway !!!!

If it transpires there is indeed a Masonic link then that will be addressed at that time, not now Josephine !!!

Gatwick Airport meeting Dalrymple, Two S.O.C.A. Officers and the Architect January 2007.

This meeting was held at the Gatwick Airport Hilton Hotel January 2007 and Mark Dalrymple should been asked about it when he gave his Perjury, sorry Evidence.

So, in a week where we saw for the first time in 400 years a trial in London held without a jury by a Judge in regards Twomey and the Heathrow robbery, the Da Vinci Madonna accused should be grateful they are not facing a Diplock court with no jury.

Prosecutors did not reveal any evidence of jury tampering in the Twomey case to the Defence it was all given in secret to the Judge.

The pendulum of justice has swung so far towards the prosecution any notion of a fair trial in either England or Scotland is laughable.

Lets go back to late summer 2007 when the Duke of Buccluech died. Mark Dalrymple pleaded with Art Hostage to not expose the offer given by one of the defendants, Jack Doyle I think, to just take the Da Vinci Madonna to a local Police station and hand it in.

In all of this Jack Doyle has only committed one crime, and that is, his dreadful dress sense on the first day of the trial, wearing those stupid Giorgio Armani Belt and GA Scarf.
However, for that he should only receive a fixed penalty of £60 as since then I am led to believe the dress sense of Jack Doyle is of a more Conservative nature.

If that had been allowed to happen, the Da Vinci Madonna just handed in at a local Police station, the Scottish Police would have not had the glory to bask in of this clear cut entrapment.

Notice that S.O.C.A. who were at the centre of this investigation, along with other shadowy agencies, are not mentioned at all and it is being spun as a Scottish Police sterling effort to recover the Da Vinci Madonna and arrest those indicted.

The dangling of the "Duke with £10 million plus to spend on a recovery of the Da Vinci Madonna" was done so the defendants became intoxicated with greed and requested a multi-million payout for the recovery of the Da Vinci Madonna. Once that multi-million payout was agreed then of course Marshal Ronald would be so intoxicated he would reach to his clients account and pay the up-front money to get the Da Vinci Madonna released.

You think that the security services, who were all over the defendants physically and electronically, did not observe where the money went ??? Of course they did every step of the way. And from the other end, security services were observing those from the Irish side for other reasons and stumbled upon this deal but held back whilst watching the money travel down the winding road to ?????????????

No, instead Art Hostage was told in no uncertain terms, threatened even, to sit on his hands and allow this thing to play out.

Now, don't get me wrong, the frustration of Art Hostage in allowing Scottish Police their X-Factor moment, was only because this window dressing prevented the Gardner art held from surfacing, not because these five men and the other three men due for trial were indicted on an rancid, false, trumped up, set of charges that are as welcome within the stolen art recovery world as a Fart in a Spacesuit.

Whilst the Scottish Police were crowing over their perceived success, the FBI and authorities in America, Boston and the Washington beltway were incandescent with rage because it prevented the best chance in 20 years to recover the Gardner art.

Furthermore, the next trial in April will be totally different, why, well the defence in that proposed case have done their homework, unlike the current defence team, and the whole Da Vinci Madonna case will be blown out of the water, no pun intended.

Perjury, I can count at least three occasions of perjury committed by the arrogant Mark Dalrymple and the details are not too difficult to establish.

All the things that will come out are not hard to establish and have been available for years. The current defence team have not done their job and it is only now they are running around trying to backstop their efforts.

Shame Calum Jones could not secure the services of Genghis Keen QC as he would have exposed this whole rancid affair.

O'h and yes, the D Notices are ready and waiting in case the truth starts to leak out.

Theatre is what this case is all about, a total charade, a farce. Who was the bright spark who allowed the Madonna to be on display 400 yards from the court. And all the nonsense about taking the Jury to see this icon to give them a sense they were involved in a iconic case.

Lets get this right, the Da Vinci Madonna painting whilst a masterpiece, is not even in the top fifty masterpieces around the world and everyone is getting carried away with the significance of this alleged Da Vinci autographed artwork.

More to follow after a fillet steak lunch !!!

Apologies for the little white lie, it was not fillet steak, it was a Chinese lunch, Aromatic Duck, Won ton soup, Steamed Sea Bass and Singapore noodles.

The Fortune cookie said:

"Remember Watergate, it was the cover up that made President Nixon resign, not the original break-in !!!"

However, a second Fortune Cookie said:

"Expect a visit from the Men With Big Boots"

Back to business,..........

Memo to the Defendants:

Don't be so naive as to think your defence council are fighting for you.

Have you noticed how lightly the defence are letting off key prosecution witnesses, notice how the defence council seem to be just going through the motions.

Normally, defence council want to win to enhance their ego and reputation, no so in this case, as there may have been back-room deals discussed whereby the defence panda to the prosecution and act like Yellow Sycophants.

If the defence had really been fighting this case for their clients then Mark Dalrymple would be looking at three perjury charges and this case would have been thrown out earlier on in the proceedings.

John Craig should have been asked if he expected to receive any monies after the trial, a little pension nest-egg ???

John Craig should have been asked how long has he been working on the Da Vinci Madonna case ??? answer would be, from shortly after the original theft in August 2003.

What kind of Undercover work did John Craig do in Ireland is another question that should have been asked., FRU, Brigadier Gordon Kerr, maybe ????

Now, I suppose you want details of the three times Mark Dalrymple has committed perjury ???

Well, I need to think for a minute on that, Ill get back on it soon................

O'h, and lets not forget the intoxicating nature of the Da Vinci Madonna in relation to the Scottish Police Drug squad.

They could not even wait until after the trial before they added the figure of £11 million, a third of the value of the Da Vinci Madonna, to their asset recovery figures.

Yes thats right, the Scottish Police Drug Squad had the balls to try and add £11 million to their figues to massage the figures and give themselves a boost.

If you doubt any of these facts go check it out.

More to follow.............

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
You clearly appear to have a political agenda of your own in the way you are reporting of commenting on this case. You strongly imply that the panting was in republican hands a mater not canvassed in the trial. Do you have direct knowledge where this painting was before it was recovered because none of the men on trial do?
Your reference to a meeting at Gatwick airport is most odd bearing in mind the compass of the alleged conspiracy, which commenced in July 2007
However your allusion to Masonic involvement may have substance
We may well not know the shadowy scenes in the background here be it MI5 or MI6 but a big puzzle in this case is what was the true agenda and who was driving the matter forward
£350k in cash went someone the police had all the information in their possession as to the cash drop
I beggars belief to think that the authorities do not know where this money went or indeed is now
If they don’t then that demonstrates incompetence on an unacceptable scale or dare raise the issue of corruption
There is of course another explanation which opens up further questions namely that the authorities brokers an immunity deal cover by a public interest immunity certificate in order to get the painting returned and dare I say it in the hope that other paintings the subject of the sister web blog would eventually come to light
That possibility raises two important questions
Why are these five men on trial for conspiracy?
Why is there a second Da Vinci trial scheduled to commence on 19 April 2010 involve three more men
Do we live in a society where law enforcement is joined up and properly co ordinate or is the scramble for statistical recognition under the Proceeds of Crime Act and Confiscation of assets blinded the law enforcement authorities into acting in a politically unacceptable way
Dependant upon the outcome of this political show trial MP's in Westminster and Holyrood will insist on further enquiry and if the new Government are honorable to the concept of equality before the law we may find a senior Judge raising and demanding answers to many of the issues raised on your website. Carlsberg do not do political trials but if they did this case would be a cracker
Justice can only be achieved where there is openess and fairness a feauture of political show trials is the withholding of evidence. The attorney General of England ws once pointedly reminded by an eminnat judge
"Be you ever so high the law is above you"
In 1858 Abraham Lincoln said "Accustomed to trample on the rights of others, you have lost the genius of your own independence and become the fit subjects of the first cunning tyrant who rises among you"
To put a contempory slant on matters Tom Milton said “We have to have court doors open to make sure they (the courts) are not involved in corrupt actions. As soon as you put asset information behind the cloak of secrecy, then no one will be able to determine that justice is being done.”
It is a strange paradox that all the people with someting to hide be it the original thieves and handlers or those shadowed figures in the backround are not before the Court. I ssincerely hope that the reason for denying a full and proper enquiry into the vast waste of money expended in this case is not the reason given in court by Peter Macadam namely that this is still an ongoing enquiry.
The Scottish Police Comaplaints Commisssion and the English Police Complaints Commission are poised and waiting to investigate the delorable conduct in the case. I would not rule out an action being commenced against the Procurator Fiscal for malicious prosecution either once the truth emerges
I anticipate the Da Vinci case could grace the courts of England and Scotland for many years to come