Friday, April 23, 2010

Stolen Art Watch, Leonardo Da Vinci Madonna, Show Me The Money, Fuck You, Pay Me !!!!

Show Me The Money !!

Art Hostage is going to sit back and watch this initial Hornets nests explode.

By that, I mean watch how the Liverpudlian scouse anger will be vented on the Duke of Buccleuch, insurers etc.

First stop for Robbie Graham yesterday was Drumlanrig castle where he went yesterday to demand his reward.

With a BBC news crew in tow Robbie Graham was refused entry as the Duke of Buccleuch is donning his tin hat and battening down the hatches.

Insurers too, await the lawsuits.

Art Hostage read that Robbie Graham lost his wife in the last two years and I wanted to get this confirmed.

Why, well if you had seen Robbie Graham speaking after the verdict he looked like a heartbroken man and it is for that reason alone, let alone all the other moral reasons, Robbie Graham should be rewarded.

The fact Robbie Graham and Jack Doyle are working class guys from Liverpool should not mean they are dismissed out of hand. Remember the same working class guys from Liverpool fight today on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan and have been used as cannon fodder by the wealthy for centuries.

For every so called chav scouser there are hundreds, thousands of decent, educated, hard working, patriotic, honourable people from Liverpool.

Marshal Ronald, without this guy having the balls to withdraw the £350,000 belonging to the Tierney brothers the Da Vinci Madonna would never have been released.

It's all very well for people like Dalrymple and the Duke to turn a blind eye, hold their noses and pretend they disapprove, whilst salivating at the prospect for the return of the Da Vinci Madonna.

With Robbie Graham, Jack Doyle and yes Marshal Ronald, what you see is what you get.

The others hide behind a cloak of respectability which makes them dishonorable, to say the least.

Time for the Duke of Buccleuch and insurers to look big and pay up.

Trio cleared in extortion plot over Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece will not get any reward money for return of painting

Apr 23 2010 By Paul O'Hare

AN English lawyer and two private detectives who walked free from court after the Da Vinci extortion trial will not receive a penny of the £100,000 reward money.

Marshall Ronald, John Doyle and Robert Graham claimed they were entitled to payment after a jury found the case against them not proven.

But sources last night said loss adjusters acting on behalf of the Duke of Buccleuch will not pay the trio.

A police insider said: "In order for a reward to be paid, the insurance company required police assurances that the person or persons claiming the reward were in no way involved in any criminality.

"Ronald, Doyle and Graham acknowledged in court that they acquired the painting from criminals.

"It is therefore highly unlikely that they will get anything."

The men, along with Scottish lawyers David Boyce, 63, and Callum Jones, 45, were accused of hatching a plot to demand £4.25million from the duke to the Madonna Of The Yarnwinder back, which was stolen in 2003.

But, after an eight-week trial at the High Court in Edinburgh, all five were cleared.

Art Hostage Comments:

That's all very well Mark Dalrymple, but you took this line in the Fealden and Fairbrother case until Police relented just before the high court lawsuit was to be heard in the London High Court.

Both Fealden and Fairbrother got the three paintings from Acton from criminals. Rocky and Mick Lawrence got the Turners from criminals, Charlie Hill got the Titian from criminals and on and on.

This incessant cherry picking of who can be rewarded or paid a fee must not be restricted to ex-police officers who are allowed to circumnavigate the pitfalls.

You know several lawsuits are going to be issued, not least one from a corner not mentioned as yet.

'There are many ways to skin a cat' this space !!!


Anonymous said...

There is a wood and there are trees can you see the wood for the trees
We all know what happens now
You do not negotiate a reward you claim it
It was the insurers who offered a substantial reward through Mark Dalrymple
Now Mr Dalrymple remind me "What do you do? What do you actually do?"
If they want a fight then bring it on but do not think for a moment that this case is about a reward
It took the actions of men of honour to return this painting and unlike the Advocate Depute i am not referring to the the undercover police officers

Anonymous said...

Pay up what you owe these people or it goes to court again and it is WE the tax payers of England who have to cover the costs of a Scottish farce as we are the major taxpayers in a so called Britain.

Anonymous said...

Is it not time someone in thiscase showed some hunility and integrity