Friday, April 02, 2010

Stolen Art Watch, Leonardo Da Vinci Madonna, Perjury King Mark Dalrymple, Part 1

Mark Dalrymple Perjury Part 1

The case that will show Mark Dalrymple has recovered stolen art without keeping Police informed is from 2007, same year as Da Vinci Madonna recovery, before the Da Vinci Madonna recovery.

This case involved three paintings stolen from an art dealer in West London, Acton in 2005.

The three paintings were insured by AXA for over £1 million and Mark Dalrymple was assigned the Art Loss Adjuster through his company Tyler and Co to investigate and recover these three paintings.

Mark Dalrymple assigned Dick Ellis, Ex-Scotland Yard’s Art and Antiques Squad founder, who retired in 2000 and now works as a private art loss investigator.

Dick Ellis was contacted by two men, Robert Fairbrother and Nigel Fealden, who said they could organise the recovery of the said three paintings stolen from an Art Dealer in West London, Acton, in 2005.

Dick Ellis duly contacted Mark Dalrymple with the good news. However, neither Mark Dalrymple or Dick Ellis informed the London Metropolitan Police in Acton to tell them and it was only once the stolen three paintings were recovered were Police told.

Dick Ellis arranged for the stolen three paintings to be delivered to him and he took possession of the three stolen paintings.

It was only then, once Dick Ellis had possession of the three stolen paintings, and had kept his employer, Mark Dalrymple informed throughout, especially at the crucial point of Dick Ellis taking possession of the three stolen paintings, was it decided London Acton Police should be informed.

So, Dick Ellis, three stolen paintings in his possession, telephoned Acton police and said “Those three paintings stolen back in 2005, well, I have recovered them so you better come and collect them”

Acton Police duly attended and collected the three stolen paintings from Dick Ellis and said to Dick Ellis “Should’t we arrest you Dick ?” to which the Wiley old Fox of Scotland Yard Dick Ellis just gave a cold stare, and was met with a sheepish reply “O’h, perhaps no arrest then”

Subsequent to the recovery Acton Police interviewed both Robert Fairbrother and Nigel Fealden under caution, bailed them and a file was sent to the Crown Prosecution Services.

The Crown Prosecution services decided there was not enough evidence to issue charges, not least because Dick Ellis had been the one handing over the stolen paintings to Acton Police.
No further Police action was taken.

However, then Fairbrother and Fealden applied for the advertised reward of £50,000 and were met with an arrogant denial from Mark Dalrymple because Acton Police, incensed by their exclusion from the stolen art recovery, refused to issue a “Comfort letter” saying that Acton Police had no objections to AXA, via Mark Dalrymple paying the advertised reward of £50,000 to Robert Fairbrother and Nigel Fealden.

To their credit Fairbrother and Fealden issued High Court Lawsuit proceedings and they were due to be heard last summer 2009.

However, just before the case was due to be heard Mark Dalrymple made certain advances towards Police via third parties explaining if this case went to court it could undermine the evidence Mark Dalrymple was going to give in the Da Vinci Madonna case.

Therefore, Acton Police were pressured to issue the Comfort letter and a secret sealed deal was made whereby the £50,000 was paid out. Still, once the lawyers had got their fee’s Fairbrother and Fealden got very little at all.

The significance is Mark Dalrymple knew all along and conspired with Dick Ellis to withhold information from Acton police and the hand back of the stolen three paintings, worth over £1 million, was made without any arrests.

This flies in the face of the evidence, under oath, Mark Dalrymple gave recently in the High Court Edinburgh, Scotland.

“I never recover stolen art without working closely with Police every step of the way”

Please, Don't take the word of Art Hostage, go check it out with Mark Dalrymple, Dick Ellis, Robert Fairbrother and Nigel Fealden.


Anonymous said...

I could not agree with your sentiments more
When you add to the mix the question of Masonic involvement the case looks even more rancid
Look up the Duke of Buccleuch's position in Scottish freemasonry
As you peel away the layers like an onion and shine light upon this matter those manipulators hidden in the shadows are revealed
The true extent of Mark Dalrymples activities will be revealed by due process in due course
It is not a pretty picture

Anonymous said...

Have we been here before look back through history?

Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.

'Fiat justitia ruat coelum'.

Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus, Roman statesman and Julius Caesar's father-in-law.

"You have suffered grievously and I am truly sorry. I know that nothing can undo the wrong you have endured. Your trust has been betrayed and your dignity has been violated." -- Pope Benedict XVI apologizes to Irish victims of clerical sex abuse.

He can who thinks he can, and he can't who thinks he can't. This is an inexorable, indisputable law.
Pablo Picasso

As long as I have any choice, I will stay only in a country where political liberty, toleration, and equality of all citizens before the law are the rule.
Albert Einstein

Nobody has a more sacred obligation to obey the law than those who make the law.

There are three ways to tackle misfeasance in public office
Fast and

Anonymous said...

Dick Ellis is trying to sting the Irish guys who hold some Gardner art.

He is going to get them all arrested soon, so beware of the Dick Ellis false promises and undercover sting operation happening now in Ireland.
July 3rd 2012

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you the truth about Dick Ellis.
He has stood in a court of law and committed perdury on more than one occasion.
Nobody can lie better than Dick.
He has stolen money, He has stolen paintings.
He was very very lucky I never had a tape recorder on me when talking to him once otherwise he would have got three years for perdury.
How he has never been arrested is amazing.
How he sleeps at night I dont know.
Just had a thought ask Mr Dick Ellis to take a lie detector test, questions to be asked 'have you ever committed perdury in a court of law'.
Let the real Dick Ellis stand up.
You are a crook who has managed to get away with it for years.
You will not make any complaints about what I have written Dick because you know if you were to take the lie detector test you would be found out.