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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Stolen Art Watch, Brighton "Bubbles" Pops & Passes Into Brighton Antiques Folklore

Ray Ives, aka Bubbles, passed away recently.
He never went hungry to say the least.
Seen above with a freshly caught snack, which he ate whole, whilst waiting for his 12 course dinner.

True story from 1984.

Turbo Paul Hendry was working on the knocker with Stephen "Mr Magoo" Boyle and bought a small Dutch oil on panel of an interior Tavern scene with name plaque on the frame "Hendrik Martinez Sorgh".
It was then Valued at the London auctioneers Phillips at £300-£500

Stephen "Mr Magoo" Boyle demanded Turbo Paul pay £500 to buy it out.

Boyle family always want it all their own way, greedy bastards.

Well, Turbo Paul Hendry went to "Bubbles" and asked £500 for the Dutch oil on panel, "Bubbles" turned it down.

Turbo Paul Hendry then went to london and put it in Phillips auctioneers with an estimate of £300-£500.
On the day of the sale it turned out to be a "Sleeper" and realized, sold for, £28,000, yes, twenty eight grand lol

Knowing Stephen "Mr Magoo" Boyle would scream like a stuffed pig, cry like a baby, Turbo Paul Hendry said it only made £2,800 to soften the blow, even then, Stephen "Mr Magoo" Boyle demanded £1,000, to which Turbo Paul Hendry replied with,

"Sorry Stephen, you can't win em all" 

followed by never working with him again.

True story from 1988

Back in 1982 Stephen Wadey was working with Alan "Dobby" Friend in London.
They bought a first period Worcester Dr Walls meatplate.

They sold it to Bubbles for £400.
Bubbles sold it on to Tony Margiotta for £800.

Six years later in 1988 Tony Margiotta was moving his jewelry shop from the Lanes into Prince Albert  Street and Turbo Paul noticed the Worcester Dr Walls meatplate on the bottom shelf in the window.

Remembering it was sold to Tony Margiotta for £800 by Bubbles back in 1982 Turbo Paul asked Tony Margiotta how much he wanted for it, he replied £400, which Turbo Paul thought was good and paid him in cash.

Turbo Paul then took the meatplate to Sotheby's in London who estimated it at £600-£800.

On the day of the sale two collectors of Worcester battled it out to £14,000
Happy days