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Friday, January 01, 2021

Stolen Art Watch, 2021, Coming Soon, Exposure of Criminal Art Detectives & Those Who Facilitate Them, Encouraging Future Art Crime.

The Art world/Art crime world is waiting for a book on art crime and promotional article about the true actions of criminal art detectives who hide behind the cloak of respectasbility.

Will these two Icons of the journalistic world, (very well respected in their country) be intimidated like those before them, those they hope to report upon??

A well respected jounalist lost his job and career because of intimidation and nearly lost his life as well.

Laws have been broken in many different countries, criminals have been encouraged to commit further art crime as a result of them seeing a pathway to cash in stolen art without arrest or scrutiny.

Many influential people in the art crime world have been interviewed and are hoping to see this in the media to finally stem the tide of art crime.

to be continued.......................