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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Stately Homes crime gang, arrests Update!!!!!!!!!!

Operation Haul - update

Ricky Johnson, aged 53, (brother of Alan "Jimmy" Johnson) from Cheltenham, has been charged with conspiracy to commit burglary and will be appearing before Reading Magistrates this afternoon.

Interesting to note, Ricky Johnson said when convicted of overcharging pensioners for shoddy work, said he was following the guidence of Jesus, "Jesus works in mysterious ways"See "Lord Lag..." article below

A further five people have been arrested this morning in connection with Operation Haul and will be questioned by detectives today.

Another four people have been released on police bail until December.


Those Art and Antiques dealers who have bought high value stolen art from Jimmy and Ricky Johnson have been busy hiding those stolen artworks.

These top end criminals know full well that they will be implicated so the high value artworks aquired will be buried until there can be a way found to allow them to surface.

It is interesting to note, that when art crime gang members sell their ill gotten gains to friendly art dealers, the dealers themselves become targets.

There have been instances when art dealers who buy stolen art have been targeted by the crime gangs and have been robbed of the stolen artworks. They obviously cannot report this to police so the Art Crime gang get to sell the stolen art twice.

When art thieves get arrested and charged they often try and bargin a lighter sentence by informing on the art dealers they have sold stolen art too.

If becomes common knowledge among art loss investigators who has what stolen art.

Trouble is getting the artworks off the criminal art dealers is the hard part, not just because of the unrealistic demands of the criminal art dealers , but also becuse of the unrealistic demands of law enforcement, who want to leave private investigstors exposed to arrest, violence from the criminal underworld and out of pocket!!!!!

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