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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Goya Stolen En Route to Guggenheim

Goya Stolen En Route to Guggenheim

By - New York Sun Staff
November 13, 2006 updated 8:46 pm EST

A 1778 painting by Francisco de Goya, "Children With Cart," has been stolen near Scranton, Penn., on its way to the Guggenheim Museum of Art. It was to be included in the exhibit "Spanish Painting from El Greco to Picasso: Time, Truth, and History," opening Friday. The painting, which depicts four young children playing with musical instruments, was en route from the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio, which had lent the painting to the Guggenheim.

The painting is valued at $1.1 million. The FBI has launched an investigation, and a reward of up to $50,000 has been offered by the painting's insurers.

This theft in transit seems to becoming more common.

However, as inside information is often needed, the recovery rate is good.

Hopefully, FBI Agent Robert Wittman will be ahead of the game.

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