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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Stolen Art Watch, Tony "Gizzy" Gearing, Gentleman Giant, Grandad, Gawd Bless Ya Gizzy !!

Art Hostage was sent this photo of Tony Gizzy Gearing and asked to write a brief obituary in an honest manner about one of the very few Antiques dealers in Brighton that commanded respect from all quarters.

Tony, Gizzy Gearing, it must be said, was a true gentleman, respected by all and never had a bad word to say about anyone.

He rose above all the back biting, rivalry and everyday disputes to take his place as a genuine, decent family man.

His monumentos appetite for life was matched by his appetite for the well being of his beloved family, and he loved his dinner too !!

Gizzy was probably the most staunch of all the antiques dealers in Brighton and never, ever commented to other dealers, Police or anyone in authority.

When Art Hostage makes claims they are based upon facts, so it is a fitting tribute to Tony Gizzy Gearing to express the genuine sadness felt by all those right across the spectrum of the Brighton Antiques trade at the passing of  a true gentleman.

Apparently, when Gizzy got to the Pearly gates he was met by Micky Underwood, who greeted him with open arms, Tony Margiotta offered to buy Gizzy lunch and Ten Grand Stan Nelson was lurking in the background with a tip on the favourite.

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