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Monday, June 09, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Gotcha Gerald, well nearly !!

BURNABY (NEWS1130) - RCMP say they've executed search warrants on the Lower Mainland and have recovered some of the Bill Reid gold art stolen from the UBC Museum of Anthropology late last month.

Police are not releasing any details, but say more information will be released over the next few days as the investigation continues.

The subject of the RCMP investigation has been a South Burnaby home, in the Metrotown area. RCMP say that for officer safety, they don't want to release any more information. There are also fears that one person still wanted in the theft may melt down any remaining Reid pieces to avoid further criminal prosecution.

The theft occured in the overnight hours of May 23-24 at UBC's Museum of Anthropology. UBC has offered a $50,000 reward for information leading the safe return of the art works.

Art Hostage comments:

Please, please. be the gold box !!

How many times did you need telling Gerald ???

Do not destroy the **** please, hide it if you must, or better still post it to your lawyer , destroyed gives you less leverage in the future.

Loyal Art Hostage readers, if the truth comes out, then prepare yourself for a scenario similar to when a person Set's ablaze a building and then shouts "Fire" to receive the credit.

Lots more coming in................................

Art lovers across the world, especially RCMP, Alain, UK Mark and Pierrie unite and sing

Gives you a warm feeling inside knowing Bill Reid Icons are on their way home !!

Art Hostage you sentimental fool !!!!

Aaron Syberg, if you are the "Hardy Kruger, " "The one That Got Away," then make sure any residue Bill Reid Icons are handed back.

At some stage you will be "Googie Withers, Within These Walls" so please make sure you don't have to face up to being the one who destroyed any Bill Reid Icons.
Mothers always love their son, step-dad's just go along with it to keep the peace !!

Wake up Canada, a wonderful day awaits, Bill Reid Icons recovered !!

Pump up the volume and rejoice

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