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Friday, June 19, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Bulmer Paintings, Where Are You ???

Art Hostage wonders what happened to the stolen paintings taken from the Bulmer family earlier this year ?

Rumours aplenty.
Art Hostage values this stolen painting above, by Watts at £2 million let alone the other 14 paintings and the £1.2 million in diamonds and jewellery from the safe.
Total value of this haul was between £5 million and £10 million rather than published figure of £2 million.
To those who may have information about the whereabouts of these paintings, beware, there is no reward, no fee, just a pre-planned sting operation ready to swing into action when anyone steps forward and they will come under close scrutiny and surveillance by Police and as soon as any of these paintings see the light of day, Police will swoop and arrest all and sundry. If anyone expresses interest in buying these paintings they are an undercover police officer or they are liaising with Police to sting and no monies will ever be paid, got that !!

More to follow................................................

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