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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Convicted Brighton Antiques Mafia Godfather in the Morning, Sewer Rat in the Afternoon !!

The Crown Court

at Lewes

Daily List for Friday 25 April 2008 at HOVE TRIAL CENTRE, LANSDOWNE ROAD, HOVE

Court 4 - sitting at 10:00 AM



For Sentence
T20060797 CAPEWELL Phillip M

Art Hostage comments:

Sussex Police F.I.B. pin-up, Detective Sgt Phil Carter could do worse than get to speak to Phil Capewell before his sentencing Friday 25th April 2008.

Using his charm, Police Poster Boy Sgt Phil Carter can offer a letter to the judge if Capewell wants to return to informing for the Sussex Police.

Oh didn't you know, Phil Capewell has done his fair share of body-trading over the years.

A possible adjournment could be in the offing if Capewell starts singing like a Canary, again !!

Stolen antiques are being moved from their hiding places all over Sussex as a result of the Capewell conviction.

If Sussex Police watch the usual suspects, they will definitely recover much more stolen antiques than just watching on a Friday !!

Many High profile Brighton Antiques Mafia Godfathers are wondering if they are next to be arrested as a result of Sewer Rat's Old and New !!

Pro-active Policing from Sussex Police, Glamour Boy Detective Phil Carter, in particular, would result in the recovery of many outstanding stolen high value antiques.

Too much to ask, you decide !!

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