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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Meissen Memo To Sir Reginald Sheffield !!

Dear Sir Reginald Sheffield,

It must be a nightmare to lose such rare items as your Bronze Cordier and Meissen Monkey.

However, good news, if you take a look at the Bonhams and Butterfields auction website you will observe they have another Meissen Ape Teapot by Kandler coming up for sale in their June 15th 2009 sale to be held in San Francisco. This may be an inferior version, but it is 18th century, by Kandler and only a fraction of the insurence payout.

See link:

The lot number you are looking for is 1353.

Lot No: 1353

A Meissen porcelain monkey teapot (affenmutter als teekanne)
modeled by Johann Joachim Kändler
circa 1740-45
The mother crouching wearing buckled belt on an oval base molded with leaf fringe, cradling youngster forming the spout another on her back as the handle also belted (lacking cover, monkey forming handle with firing crack to rear leg and lacking tail, monkey forming spout with partly filled firing crack to front paw)
height 6 3/4in (17.2cm)

Estimate: $4,000 - 6,000

Kändler's work records for July 1735 note: "Einen Thee Pott in Gestalt eines Affens Welcher einen Jungen auf dem rücken und einen Vornen in den Händen hält, Woraus der Thee lauffen thut, geändert und in gehörige Gestalt gebracht, sitzet auf einem kleinen postamentgen Woran er mit einer Kette under Vorlege Schloß befestiget ist"
[A teapot in the form of an ape which has a baby on its back and holds another in front in its hands, from which the tea pours, altered and rendered in appropriate form, seated on a small base to which he is secured with a chain and lock]

Notice the tempting estimate of only $4,000-$6,000.

You can leave a bid and if you are successful you will have a replacement and some money left from the $40,000 insurence payout.

If by some chance Police recover your stolen Meissen Monkey you will then have a pair and a story to tell about how they became a pair.
The insurance company will realise they could only get a trade price for your recovered Meissen monkey and would let you buy it back for a nominal fee.

This will not only be a good story for dinner but will also increase the value of a now pair of Meissen Monkey teapots by Kandler.

I shall watch to see how much the Meissen Monkey fetches at Bonhams and Butterfields on June 15th 2009.
P.S. Don't let Sir Elton John know because he would like another Kandler Monkey teapot for his huge Meissen collection.


Anonymous said...

Who is this guy Mark Durney and why is he running around deleting your posts? I thought you had some good insight on the issue of rewards. he "works" for some guy named charny who appears to be a self promoting charlatan. what happened to free speach? keep up the good work and keep the theories coming!

Steve Votaw said...

Sirs, I just purchased a Monkey Teapot like the one you have pictured. I purchased it at a rummage sale. I can e-mail pictures if you like. However; It does not have the Meissen Swords on the bottom. It does have a Kite Mark that cannot be discerned. Maybe someone out there may have information on this piece. SV

cavalinesman said...

you can contact me at :