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Friday, May 25, 2007

Brighton Antiques Mafia Strike Again With Impunity !!

Raiders snatch £1.5m antiques
By Andy Davey
Daily Echo

A REWARD has been offered for the return of a £1.5million haul of valuable antique statues snatched in a raid on a flat in Bournemouth.

Burglars entered a first floor flat in Studland Road, between noon and 11.20pm on Thursday, May 17, and stole 12 Art Deco statues as well as cameras and electrical equipment.

Now police are appealing for information and an insurance company has put up a £50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the offenders, and recovery of the stolen items.

Detective Sergeant Craig Travers of Bournemouth CID, said: "It looks like the thieves knew exactly what to take and there's no doubt that they would have used a vehicle to remove this number of items. It's my hope that by releasing pictures of some of the very distinctive statues, together with the offer of a substantial reward, anyone with any information about the burglary, or about those involved, will come forward.

"I can't rule out the possibility that the stolen items may be in the local area, perhaps being stored by someone who may not even know that they are looking after stolen property.

"It is also my hope that those dealing in art and antiques will take careful note of the details of the stolen statues and I'm appealing to any dealer who knows, or believes they know, the whereabouts of any item."

Anyone with information about this theft must, I repeat must, as a matter of life and death visit for the truthful picture of how Dorset Police treat citizens

Art Hostage comments:

A trusted source, close to the Brighton Antiques Mafia tells Art Hostage:

"The truth is a Brighton Knocker Boy called------, nicknamed-------, called on this address some time ago and saw the Art Deco figurines, unable to buy anything he passed this information on to the Brighton Antiques Mafia A-Team of burglars.

These burglars -----and------were driven to Bournemouth by---- and burgled the flat and then made their way back to Brighton.

"Furthermore, there is now a Modus Vivendi between Irish Traveller Art thieves/Scousers and Brighton Antiques Knocker Boys, who are sharing intelligence about where the high value art is located."

"Bournemouth is just the latest place to be visited, focus is now on------where Brighton Knockers and Irish Travellers are getting together this coming week for new criminal acts."

"Why, only a few days before this theft of Art Deco Sculptures in Bournemouth two Irish Bogus officials, ------and his young buck---- tried in vain to rob an elderly person quite near the Art Deco Sculpture theft address, Brass street Bournemouth or something like that."

Back to the Art Deco sculpture theft, Some of the Bronze and Ivories figures have been sold to -------whilst others remain for sale.

------has offered a price for the rest of the Bronze and Ivory figures but that offer has been turned down.

The current location of the unsold stolen Art Deco Bronze and Ivories is------they are being stored in-------s house, a relative of one of the burglars.

It will take allot more than £50,000 to fill in the blanks, and in any case rewards are forbidden, and not paid, despite all the media rhetoric."

So, there we have it folks, Art Hostage cannot obtain the missing names and locations without paying this underworld source, or at least obtaining a written contract that is binding and lawful and will make payment once the thieves are caught and the property recovered.

Memo to the bad guys:

Take this as "Having your card marked" about a Cuckoo in your nest willing to sell you out as soon as Law Enforcement gets it act together.

Furthermore, if you bad guys want sell these for top money then the Russians are the end buyers of all high value Bronze and Ivories.

I know SEMION MOGILEVICH has a passion for Art Deco Bronze and Ivories and he has a large collection, not all stolen, but many bought legit in the Auction rooms worldwide.

SEMION MOGILEVICH has recently paid record sums for such Bronze and Ivories in London and I am sure he would be willing to buy the Bournemouth Bronze and Ivories for good money.

Trouble is getting them too him.


Memo to all Antiques dealers


To any Antiques dealer foolish enough to think the reward will be paid.

If an Antiques Dealer is offered any of these Bronze and Ivories, then he phones Bournemouth Police,they in turn wait for the handler to come back to the dealer, then Police arrest the handler and recover say, Two of the Bronze and Ivories.

Before the Antiques dealer can even think about any reward he must be registered as an informant/Human Source with Dorset Police to comply with the 2002 Proceeds of Crime Act.

It is only then, in theory, will Police give a Comfort letter to the Insurers allowing them to pay a reward.

However, even if this is done, Insurers have a secret code of conduct that means they will prevaricate and delay payment in order to reduce the amount.

When the Antiques dealer, who was responsible for the recovery and arrest, becomes disillusioned and frustrated the Insurers will offer about £1,000 and send the Antiques dealer on his way.

Now this Antiques dealer is left feeling victimised, ostracised by fellow Antiques dealers and will never, ever help Police again.

Added to all of that, the Antiques dealer will be regarded as a Grass/Stool Pigeon/Rat and his Antiques dealing days will be numbered.

The moral of this story is any Antiques dealer that is approached to buy these Bronze and Ivories must think very, very carefully and consult a lawyer before he does anything, better still refuse to buy the Bournemouth Bronze and Ivories and keep quiet about the approach.

Otherwise any Antiques dealer trying to do the right thing will be hung out to dry.

Very sad, but true.
Still not convinced, then revisit:

Memo to Detective Sergeant Craig Travers of Bournemouth C.I.D

Go back to arresting people for dropping a piece of Cucumber, or possession of an egg with intent to throw, that's what reaches the Govt targets and stop mis-leading the public.
Anyone with information about crime in the Dorset Police area visit
for a taste of the kind of treatment dealt out to honest law abiding citizens

If Craig Travers would like to know of the reception awaiting him if he wants help from Sussex Police

A must read of this true story for a taste of the factional resentment between Police forces

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