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Friday, August 24, 2007

Stolen Art Watch, Bend-Over Police Can't See The Wood from The Trees !!

Antique chairs stolen

TWO valuable French antique chairs were stolen from a Stockbridge art gallery.

Police think two men forced their way into The Bakhtiyer Gallery through a window at the front of the High Street shop.

They took the two cream chairs, which had flower tapestry seats and are valued at £3,500, from inside.

Officers think the men left in a 4x4 vehicle and headed towards Salisbury on the A30.

Gallery owner, Masoud Mazaheri-Asadi, said the High Street's CCTV system showed the break-in clearly.

"The glass is quite thick so they didn't really break it, they just shattered it, but the frame in the end gave way and fell into the gallery.

"They walked in very quickly and took the pair of French chairs, which are circa 1850 and worth £3,500," he said.

He said it pained him to have any of his antiques stolen.

Mr Mazaheri-Asadi added: "Stockbridge is a lovely place with wonderful galleries and we want to be able to give people nice antiques, it's a shame some idiots like this have to spoil it."

PC Aaron Sawyer, of Andover police station, said: "The thieves were selective and took only two items of high value.

"Police are interested in any vehicles or people that may have been seen in suspicious circumstances in the days leading up to the incident."

Any witnesses to the break-in, which happened at about 12.40am on August 20, are asked to contact PC Sawyer at Andover police station on 0845 045 45 45, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Art Hostage comments:

U'm, they used a 4x4, were last seen heading for Salisbury on the A30.

Well it is not Rocket Science to realise there is a large Traveller camp on this route and perhaps Police should check the 4x4 vehicles parked there for a match?

Who knows if Police were to act with hast they may even recover the chairs before they are sold at ---- market Saturday.

Sadly Police don't give art and antiques theft priority which leads one to wonder if Andover Police should be renamed "Bend-Over Police" as they seem to be allowing Antiques theft to happen Andover Fist !!

Upon another note, it is interesting to see Multi-cultural Britain stretches to the Boon-docks.

The Antiques dealer who lost these chairs is called Mr Masoud Mazahri-Asadi, and his gallery is called The Bakhtiyer Gallery, historically the dealer would be Smith, Brown and the Gallery called Georgian House, English Country House or just plain Stockbridge Gallery.

Masoud, do yourself a favour and check out the 4x4's housed at the Traveller camp, if you want your chairs back you will have to do the ground work before Bend-Over Police will act.

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