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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stolen Art Watch, Honesty Leads to Suspicion, Arrest and Accusations !!

Rare Comic Drawings Found in Garage Sale

North Texas Family Surprised To Find Artwork Was Stolen

When a McKinney, Tex. couple picked up a coloring book for their daughter at a garage sale, they were surprised to see what looked like sketches drawings for a comic book tucked inside. But that was just the start of the surprises.

Paul and Jamillah Washington took the black-and-white sketches to a local art auction house to get a better idea of what they were

They turned out to be over sized art boards for the original "Avengers" comic book from 1964, worth some $48,000.

But that's not all -- the sketches were also reported stolen from DFW airport earlier this year. That's when the Washingtons were surprised again by police.

"They read us our rights, they grabbed me and put me in another room," remembered Paul Washington. "I'm just like in shock! What's going on, asking a lot of questions."

The Washington's are released while an investigation is conducted. They hope to get the artwork back, but a judge will likely determine way the artwork ends up.

Art Hostage comments:

Funny how valuable stolen artworks keep being discovered at Garage sales and Car Trunk sales.

I wonder what the odds are of high value stolen artworks being discarded by the thieves only to re-appear at Garage and Car trunk sales?

Very high indeed, as most of these supposed chance discoveries are part of an elaborate scheme to either claim a reward or try and obtain legal title to stolen art.

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