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Monday, August 10, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Chopard Jewel Thief Arrested

French police: Jewel heist suspect detained

PARIS —French police say Belgian authorities have detained and handed over a man accused of stealing jewels worth several million euros (dollars) from a luxury Paris jewelry house.

They say the 52-year-old suspect was detained in the Belgian port city of Antwerp in mid-July at the request of French justice authorities. He was extradited to France several weeks later and put in custody here.

Investigators say the man, wearing a suit and a hat, walked into the Chopard jewelry boutique on the chic Place Vendome on May 30. He threatened employees with a gun and, minutes later, walked calmly out of the store with loot worth up to €6.5 million.

No other details about the suspect have been released. Police have not said whether the jewelry was recovered.

Art Hostage Comments:

Art Hostage was well aware of this arrest at the time but was sworn to secrecy.

Many other things have been happening, not least high profile arrests, embarrassing political intrigue, but again, Art Hostage has been sworn to secrecy.

Keep you posted as soon as it is safe to do so........................................

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