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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Graff Diamonds Robbery August 2009, Modus Vivendi Completes the Circle !!!

Jewelry Robbers Raid London's Graff Diamonds, Again !!

Two men robbed Graff Diamonds located on New Bond Street, in the Mayfair district of London. Described as smartly dressed, the men stepped out of a cab and walked into the store.

Once in the store, they brandished a handgun, threatening employees with it and grabbing gems and jewelry worth an estimated £30 million/$50 million.

As they exited the store, they took a woman hostage, firing warning shots at police and drinkers in a nearby pub chasing to the robbers.

Once out, the robbers climbed into a blue BMW only to ditch the car when it collided into a taxi. They then sped off in a silver Mercedes.

A 2003 robbery at Graff Diamonds in London netted the robbers merchandise worth £23 million ($38.37 million) from the shop.
Art Hostage Comments:
The two Graff robbers were last seen smoking smuggled cigarettes !!!

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