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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stolen Art Watch, Linearis Institute Riddled With Fraud & Corruption

Word from L.A. is the Linearis institute is riddled with corruption and fraud and the Sherriff is on the case.

The recent theft and recovery of the so-called Rembrandt drawing The Judgement has highlighted the long held belief by some that the collection has been riddled with fake works of art and many have been sold via the silent auctions and other fund raising events organised by the Linearis Institute.

Allegations of blatent fraud and imbezzlement have been circulating the corridors of the Linearis Institute which are being looked into.

So, could the Rembrandt theft be a smokescreen to reveal the doggy dealings of the Linearis Institute, was the intention all along of stealing the Rembrandt and returning it so it could be proved to be a Studio work rather than by the Master himself Rembrandt ?

Be prepared for the victim to become the perp in the Rembrandt theft is the word reaching Art Hostage from L.A.

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