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Monday, October 10, 2011

Stolen Art Watch, Picasso's From Sprengel Museum, Ransom Demand Paid In Serbia

Stolen Picasso back - there was a ransom?

The distinguished gentleman from the - kind, especially British and discreet in every way: "I can not make any comment at the moment," says Richard Ellis, at the moment there are no comments on anything. The art detective, acting on behalf of Axa Insurance, in which the two Picassos were insured from Hanover, made the images found and threaded a deal that will bring the paintings in the foreseeable future according to his native Hanover, Sprengel Museum.

The pictures had appeared in Serbia, there is, from the Swiss prosecutor's office. "They are safe," said the Swiss prosecutor Charles Fässler. Made possible that has a "private person investigation." Here too, nothing concrete. For example, whether the perpetrators are caught? They work reliably with the Serbian authorities. Serbian newspapers have reported that the works of art at least, not yet in possession of the Serbian police.

All hold very cloudy. Also on whether a ransom has been shed. 2008, the two paintings, "Tete de cheval" were (, horse head ') and "Verre et Pichet" (glass and pitcher ") - stolen - the pictures are great with no frame 73 by 60 centimeters and 35.2 centimeters 27.2 times been (see info below). That they appear only after three and a half years already, is in similar plastic screws rather unusual.

It is possible then the following sequence. The robbers turn perhaps only to the insurance company: you have the pictures, and compensation for some risk they were willing, the two Picassos out back. Actually, the insurance company would have an interest because, for example, would pay a million euro and thus would not get back the insurance money of 4.8 million francs (then three million euros). This is not so simple - it rejects the suggestion that they would not cooperate with criminals finally. And gives the art detective Richard "Dick" Ellis, who is charged with the replacement, the tip, the investigation could just take towards Serbia. If that is not already got it.

One can imagine how the other procedures in a thriller. Secret meetings in lobbies of luxury hotels, secret negotiations, adventurous hiding places where they can be convinced of the authenticity of the images.

Who is Dick Ellis?

Dick Ellis then tries, he is as a tough negotiator, to a reasonable sum. The insurance pays about the detective, the images go back to the museum, and the millions flow back to the insurance company - from then is a reasonable commission to the broker.

Who is this Dick Ellis, who was instrumental in the replacement of the pictures? The Briton is part of a group of specialists that are hidden behind the innocuous name of "Art Management Group." Which is based in London operating worldwide in terms of security and art theft of works of art and also deals with issues of conservation and research of art forgeries. Dick Ellis is here in the department "Security and Risk Management", he is the "specialist art crime investigator", so to take care of crimes that are happening around the art.

His career began at the Metropolitan Police classic, from 1989 he worked in the legendary "Art & Antiques Squad" by Scotland Yard, then he changed to the auction house Christie's and headed here, the security department. Since 2005 he has been at the "Art Management Group." The Sherlock Holmes in the art of investigators was involved in the recovery of Edvard Munch's "The Scream", the priceless picture had been stolen in 1994 from the National Gallery of Norway.

In general, Dick Ellis, in charge of replacement, not with the determination of the perpetrator. What is probably in this case, at the Picasso, happened.

traced Picasso's in Serbia!

Hanover - They were among the most valuable exhibits from the Sprengel Museum in Hanover. The Picasso painting "Tete de cheval" and "Verre et Pichet" (worth approximately € 4 million). After a spectacular art robbery , they were missing more than three years without a trace. Now the sensation: the paintings are back!

They were seized last week in Serbia - aufgespcürt by a detective!

The Sprengel Museum had to leave the paintings to the lake dam in the Swiss canton of Schwyz Pfäffikon culture - as a loan to a Picasso exhibition.

In February 2008 a gang broke into the museum, captured the priceless paintings from Hanover. Since then, art experts were searching all over Europe.

Now the decisive tip came from a "private person investigation," the Chief Prosecutor Charles Schwyzer Fässler.

It is thought to be the former Scotland Yard detective Richard "Dick" Ellis, in the scene as "James Bond of the art investigation" called: He has already dug whole gangs of thieves.

Apparently he felt the Picassos in the Serbian capital Belgrade.

Sprengel Museum Director Professor Ulrich Krempel told BILD: "We are enormously pleased. I had never given up hope, always said that we get it back. "

On the bonds is not known, arrests are not supposed to have been.

Carding: "At a commissioned work for a millionaire I do not think so. Criminals often try to extort a ransom from the insurance company or to use images as collateral in drug deals. "

The insurance had paid the money for the Hannover after Picasso. Clutter: "We have created it, pay it back."

When the Picasso back in the Sprengel Museum hanging is still unclear. Clutter: "The paintings should be in good condition, but must first return to Switzerland, because they were robbed there."

Art Hostage Comments:

In 2010 Dick Ellis travelled to Serbia and was told by authorities and representatives of those holding the two Picasso's from the Sprengel Museum they would not be released without payments made to those holding the Picasso's as well as pay offs for some Serbian Police and Officials as well.

With this ringing in the ears of Dick Ellis he came back to the UK with his tail firmly between his legs. Dick Ellis made it clear he would be able to make any kind of recovery in Serbia or Montenegro and would not be forced to recommend any payments at all to anyone at all.

This year however, 2011,Dick Ellis had a change of heart and negotiations commenced with the current outcome of payments made in the same manner which saw over $5 million paid to criminals in the Turner recovery.

Will be interesting to see how Dick Ellis deals with the 2002 Proceeds of Crime Act which could have been breached by Dick Ellis, even though the Picasso recovery was made in Serbia.

Dick Ellis may have broken UK Money Laundering laws if he accepts monies for his dealings in Serbia.

To be continued........................


Anonymous said...

Dick Ellis is trying to sting the Irish guys who hold some Gardner art.
He is going to get them all arrested soon, so beware of the Dick Ellis false promises and undercover sting operation happening now in Ireland.
July 3rd 2012

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you the truth about Dick Ellis.
He has stood in a court of law and committed perdury on more than one occasion.
Nobody can lie better than Dick.
He has stolen money, He has stolen paintings.
He was very very lucky I never had a tape recorder on me when talking to him once otherwise he would have got three years for perdury.
How he has never been arrested is amazing.
How he sleeps at night I dont know.
Just had a thought ask Mr Dick Ellis to take a lie detector test, questions to be asked 'have you ever committed perdury in a court of law'.
Let the real Dick Ellis stand up.
You are a crook who has managed to get away with it for years.
You will not make any complaints about what I have written Dick because you know if you were to take the lie detector test you would be found out.